Website design and creation

We design websites for all the necessities following your instructions.

Our work method is as follows:

  1. We help you to find out which one of our products is the most appropriate to your necessities (simple website, including flash animations, CMS, multilingual website,etc.).
  2. According to your business necessities, we will help you to look for the best design to your idea.
  3. In this part of the website creation, the contact with the client is very important, since he is who will choose the way he wants to show himself in the Internet.
  4. Here, not only the website design is chosen, but also the sections it will have.
  5. The third part is embodying the idea in the "virtual reality".
  6. For this purpose, our website designers will programme the website according to what established by the client, paying special attention to the different ways in which the browsers interpret the websites. We also give importance to website easiness to be found by the browsers.
  7. Once created or meanwhile the website is being created, we will introduce the texts you wish to show. Finally, its new appearance will be on the air.

Should you wish, we can update your old-fashioned website with texts and new items or translate it to other languages.