The logotype, like the website design, is a very important part of the corporate image and it can consists of letters, forms, figures, colours and everything.
It must be easy to identify and remember.

Logotype creation can take more or less time, depending on the importance it has for the company which is going to use it.
A well-done logotype must have many aspects into account:

-It must communicate an idea that generally will be what defines the company.

- It must be also unmistakable in order not to be confused with other companies, since the advertising effort would be useless (for the payer) if later it is not related to the right company. Obviously, from a legal point of view, it is very important, because if one company benefits from another one (both consciously and unconsciously) can bring many legal problems.

- Simplicity is also important in the creation and it must be reproduced easily.
In order to be remembered easily, it should be short and simple.
We must have the practical aspect into account and think about costs and the way it will look on pens, the way it looks on paper, etc.
The logotype must also be recognized on a short scale.

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