Contracting conditions

  1. Introduction
  2. Purchase order
  3. Modification or cancellation order
  4. Payment
  5. Deadlines
  6. Job execution
  7. Responsibilities
  8. Audit rights
  9. Delivery
  10. Confidentiality
  11. Data protection
  12. Jurisdiction

These general contracting conditions will regulate, unless expressed otherwise, relations between CreaWeb, hereafter the agency, and the client.
The client accepts these conditions with the first purchase order to the agency.
The possible invalidity of any disposition does not affect the validity of the other ones.

Purchase Order
The order must be made by e-mail and, in order to be valid, it must be confirmed electronically by the agency.

Modification/cancellation order
Generally, the client only will be able to cancel the order in case the deadline and extension had been overtaken.
If the client cancelled the order without being authorized, he will be obliged to pay the whole quantity according to agreed conditions in the quote.
Cancellation will always be made in writing (e-mail or letter).

Payment must be done by bank deposit or cash in 20 days from invoice.
In some cases, half or the whole quantity will be asked before the delivery.
Discounts included in agency quotes will be only valid if the requirements on the quote are respected.
The agency could demand interests if there is a delay payment.
The person or association that has accepted a quote will be always the payment responsible.

Deadlines are only binding after expressed confirmation by the agency.
If the agency can not maintain the agreed deadline, it will inform as soon as possible the client and they will agree a different deadline.
It will be considered as not respected deadline when the delivery has been made after more than 24 hours and the client had informed of the situation to the agency in a proved way by e-mail or telephone, at least, one hour ago.
In delays made by reasons beyond the reasonable control or other unavoidable circumstances, the agency will not be obliged to be responsible.

Job execution
Every order or job will be made according to the general principles of the profession.
The agency reserves the right to contract when it wishes or deems appropriate the third parties services.
It will not be obliged to inform the client.
The client will not be authorized to contact the third party contracted by the agency, unless it agrees it.

The agency will be only responsible by damages caused by own negligence and never a major quantity agreed for the corresponding job.
In exceptional cases (force majeure, etc.), the agency reserves the right to cancel the order partially or completely.
The client is obliged to verify that the data are clean before sending and receiving them to and from the agency.
Reclamations to the agency must be done in a reasonable period from the delivery (not more than two or three weeks).
If the reclamation is justified, the agency must correct the job to correct the mistake.
The agency will never be responsible with more than five thousand job.

Audit rights
The agency reserves the use and audit rights of the translation.
The client will be authorized to use or modify the material once the agency had been paid.
The client affirms that he is in total possession of the audit rights of the material to be treated.
The agency is not responsible for damages about audit rights of third parties.

Delivery will be made under client’s responsibility, either physical (messenger, mail, etc.) or digital (e-mail, etc.).

The agency engages to maintain confidential all files received by the client that are not public.

Data protection
The client agrees the agency keep his data for administrative purposes.
He will be able to revoke the conformity any time.
The agency engages not to provide the information to third parties.

Madrid is the jurisdiction place.

Updated the 27th November 2007